Draft Plan Consultation Document

The Byfleet Forum Committee is working towards creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Byfleet Village. This booklet is a consultation document to help establish the needs and priorities of the residents of Byfleet Village so that these can be properly incorporated within the Plan.

Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area. An adopted neighbourhood plan is able to influence where new homes, shops and offices may be built, set guidelines on what those new buildings should look like and determine what infrastructure should be provided.

Neighbourhood planning provides a powerful set of tools for local people to ensure that they get the right types of development for their community where the ambition of the neighbourhood is aligned with the strategic needs and priorities of the wider local area.

This is your chance to influence the future of the village and the Byfleet Forum would very much welcome any views and comments from Byfleet Residents with regard to this consultation document.


The following key issues within Byfleet have been identified:

  1. To preserve the history and character of the village.
  2. To preserve, maintain and improve Byfleet’s green spaces.
  3. To promote a successful and flourishing village centre.
  4. To ensure an effective and sustainable infrastructure, particularly in relation to flooding, roads and drainage.
  5. To ensure good quality, suitable and sufficient community facilities are available for all residents of Byfleet.
  6. To encourage a successful and thriving business district.


Our vision is to preserve and improve the character of Byfleet Village, for current and future generations. Maintaining and enhancing our vibrant village community and providing a flourishing, pleasant and safe environment for all ages both now and in the future.



  • Village Infrastructure
  • The Built Environment
  • Business Areas
  • Open Spaces
  • Social and Community
  • Projects

Village Infrastructure:

Suitable infrastructure must be in place prior any future developments with particular reference to:

  • Flooding and drainage
  • Traffic – reduction of congestions and pollution
  • Pedestrian safety from traffic speed and volume
  • Parking facilities – improvement is required particularly in relationto the village centre and over crowded residential areas. Additional parking facilities need to be provided for existing dwellings which fall below the minimum requirement.

Suitable consideration must be given to the fact that Byfleet is surrounded by flood plains and as a result entry and exit points to the village are very limited. This is particularly so for the Southern area of the village. Any developments likely to cause a significant increase in Byfleet’s population must take these restrictions into account and be of an appropriate size to be able to be sufficiently accommodated within these geographical constraints.

Built Environment:

The design of any new buildings must be of good quality and compliment the character and scale of the immediate vicinity and Byfleet as a whole. The highest buildings within Byfleet are 4 stories, including pitched roof space. This existing height level should not be exceeded and the height of neighbouring buildings should be matched where possible.

It must be ensured that any additional housing does not result in over development or disregard to other village priorities.

Existing village assets such as the Village Hall and Fire Station must be maintained and improved.

Buildings of heritage value should be protected. The High Road conservation area should be protected and enhanced and the Old Byfleet Fire Station should be restored.

Any new homes should be built in the most sustainable and least impacting areas of the village build environment, preserving the semi- rural village atmosphere for future generations.

For historical and significant buildings such as St Mary’s Church and Byfleet Manor, the character of their surrounding areas should be protected.

Any significant building projects are to ensure that a range of properties are provided, from apartments through to larger family homes.

Any new housing should ensure that at least the recommended minimum Government standard of off street car parking spaces is provided.

If building on any new previously undeveloped sites takes place the number of new dwellings should not exceed 20 and consideration for green open spaces and tree planting should be given.

For existing developments that are being converted or redeveloped, dwelling numbers should be appropriate for the size and location of the existing build footprint.

Any traffic calming or control measures should be sympathetic to the Village character.

Street furniture including bollards, sign posts and street lights should make a positive contribution to and maintain the character and appearance of Byfleet Village.

For any installed mobile phone masts or other similar technology, the location selected must ensure that the visual impact is minimised.

Preference should be given to accommodation needs of the existing local community.

Business Areas

Businesses should be encouraged and supported within Byfleet to allow a successful and varied Village Centre and Northern Industrial Trading Area.

Larger industrial/commercial businesses should be encouraged to be established in the Northern area of the village where the trading estates and industrial units are mostly located. Smaller, community focused businesses are to be encouraged to be located in the village centre where the retail shops, leisure, community facilities and restaurant/take away outlets are mostly located.

Sufficient, accessible car parking should be provided within the village centre to support the economic activity of local businesses.

Open Spaces:

The open spaces in and around Byfleet should be maintained and protected.

Greenbelt areas in Byfleet must be protected and maintained as green open space.

Brownfield and previously developed areas must be prioritised and fully investigated prior to any considered development of green open spaces.

Greenbelt land at Murrays Lane should be fully and sympathetically restored at the end of the 3 year temporary planning permission.

A children’s play area should be provided in the Northern area of the village, as already previously identified by Woking Borough Council.

The existing playgrounds at Sanway Road and the Recreation Ground should be well maintained and protected.

Open access to areas such as Muddy Lane, Manor Farm, Murrays Lane etc should be protected for the enjoyment of the general public.

Local green spaces are to be recognised and protected from harm. These include:

  • Byfleet Cricket Club
  • Byfleet Football Club
  • Byfleet Recreation Ground
  • Holly Bush Stables
  • Plough Green
  • Residential Green Spaces such as the greens on Rectory Lane,Fullerton Road, Manor Crescent, Black Prince Close, theWeymede estate, the Grassmere area etc.
  • Sanway Road Playground
  • St Mary’s Church Yard and the overflow church yard (3 Acre Field)
  • The Byfleet Allotments (Eden Grove Road and Winern Glebe)
  • The Wey Navigation Canal area

Any developments should ensure the conservation of nature. Wildlife habitats, green corridors and wild plant habitats are to be protected.

Any changes that results in the loss of trees should be avoided. If tree removal is absolutely necessary replacement trees should be planted. Additional tree planting for flood protection and aesthetics should be promoted.

Byfleet Village must not be merged with surrounding villages nor have its important individual identity degraded.

Footpaths and rights of way should be encouraged and maintained.

Social and Community:

Byfleet lacks health care facilities. Restoring adequate health facilities to the village centre is a priority.

The Manor School should be brought back into use as an education or community asset. The historic origins of the site being gifted to the children of the Sanway area should be respected in all future decisions.

Suitable community facilities for education, sports and recreation should be provided and promoted. These should be sufficient and suitable for\the size, demographic and population of Byfleet.

Community facilities should be protected from harm. These include: Byfleet Boat Club, Byfleet Bowls Club, Byfleet Football Club, Byfleet Library, Byfleet Methodist Church and Hall, Byfleet Schools and Preschools, Byfleet Scout Hut, Byfleet Village Hall, Holly Bush Stables, St Mary’s Church and Community Hall, The Manor School site, The St Mary’s Centre.

Local community groups must be supported and sustained with regard to suitable venues and equipment.

Public transport, pedestrian, cycle and bridleway facilities need to be adequate for the needs of the village.


Improve and maintain road markings and signage, especially regarding HGVs approaching from North Byfleet.

Consider the most appropriate ways to control speeding and to improve pedestrian safety.

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